You dont know. High school for a teenager Can be painful and very judgemental. Why can’t everyone just get along. Why do I have to feel as though I don’t belong. Tell me. If you know so much so well then tell me why. You can’t. You can’t tell me. You can’t tell me why they pound my ego in the dirt and shatter my heart simply because I was right when I said you dont know. You dont have a clue. It’s so insane for parents to believe that everything is okay when all they see is the outside It’s so stupid for them to play out like it’s nothing and to say You find that in all schools because it’s not true. There are happier places than here. If youre happy here that’s because you have a clic you can talk to and have fun with or have a bunch of popular friends. I only have one. He’s my love and my one and only. Literally. So dont you dare say I should be happy that I-I shouldnt have to worry about anything cuz of you were thinking about what I am then you wouldn’t want that reply either. Don’t make me ask for help if youre not gonna help me dont make me ask for help if all youre gonna do is sit and tell me it’s okay because it’s not. Its not. Why would you lie to me? Why are you trying to make me lie to myself? That makes it worse.


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